Dress cloth: how to choose the composition of the material for a particular style?

Choose the perfect dress according to your figure
November 22, 2017

There is no doubt that a gown that cuts a figure, in a studio or in itself, will be sitting better. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to show off your creative abilities. You can feel a stylist and designer in one. But once a style of future clothing has been chosen, a towel has to be bought to complete its plan. The theme of this article will be from dress cloth: how to choose the right material?

The main criteria for selecting dress material
I have to say that if someone decides to sew clothes for themselves, buying expensive fabrics should not be. First, you should try your hand in not too luxurious material.

Of course, women, decides to sew their dress, in most cases, the choice of style and fabric, most fashionable last season. But although fashion is important, there are more important criteria for choosing a dress fabric:

Style in clothing; characteristics of women’s physique; determination dress; appropriate tissue care (it should be understood that some tissues can be washed even in the car will not).

Cotton cloth
Of these, they usually stitch children’s dresses, homewear, summer sundresses. These are, for example, fabrics, such as satin, light denim, fuzz or chintz.

Lingerie cloth
Len is used for tailoring light gowns. If the material is a hundred percent consisting of flax, it will be very clammy. Typically, flax fibers are combined with synthetic threads. Then, the practical qualities of flax seeds are added. A beautiful summer dress is made of this material.

Woolen or woolen fabrics are used for sewing dresses for the coldest season. These tissues is well draped, and silhouette. They are suitable for making business dresses. But with the help of such tissues, it should be borne in mind that they do not tolerate washing, ie. to quickly sit down.

Silk loved women and designers. Fashion multilayer gear looks very attractive. Evening dresses from satin, just wonderful. Types of silk fabrics a lot. All of them are made of yarn, which is made of cocoon tunto of silkworms. Silk fabrics, very thin, lightweight, but very durable.

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