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February 11, 2017
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April 2, 2017

Maybe in your wardrobe you have dresses that are waiting for the occasion to put them – summer chiffon with bare shoulders or those with extravagantly large slits and strange patterns. But there is a way to wear these dresses in everyday life or at least at a party that does not necessarily have an elegant dress.

The idea was taken by the fashion bloggers and the stars of the fashionable skyline, who always surprise with ideas for combinations of clothes in different styles. Here are some of the examples that have impressed us most, and we’d love to have a vision in each of them.

Dress with trousers

These two clothes are as if incompatible, but not if you combine them unusually and escape that way from the direct purpose of each garment. Choose tight jeans and combine them with a dress to the ground or dress with an asymmetrical hem. It is also an option to include a chiffon or ballerina dress in this combination.

Dress with a white shirt

V-neck or bumpy cocktail dresses are very well combined with a plain white shirt or even a t-shirt. Depending on the style of the dress, this combination may also be suitable for the office. If it is Friday, add only red lipstick and bulk necklace and then go to a meeting with friends after work.

Sweater Dress Up

This combination is the hit of the season among fashion bloggers. You can stop a pastel sweater and combine it with rough boots or boots.

Dress with sneakers

The sneakers can now wear whatever we want – even with an official dress. Of course, this combination is for the ladies who love the fashion, and it is worth noting that not every dress combines well with any sneakers. You have to choose ones that really match.

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