Let’s start with classification figures – what is your perfect dress

How to wear an elegant dress for every day
February 22, 2017

This, of course, the most feminine version that is liked by almost all men. For thin waist, rounded thighs, nice bust. A woman who had such happy parameters goes to almost everything. The skirt is straight, urgent, lusty – everything will look great. The waist should be emphasized, everywhere and always. Mounting a dress will find all the virtues. Word, the owner of such a figure take a dress is not difficult.

In women with such a figure, narrow shoulders and rather massive thighs. When choosing a dress you should take this into consideration and take a style that mixes accents and make the silhouette more proportionate. Stylists recommend dresses for wide-ranged frills, torch-lanterns. In short, you should give preference to fasonam with a voluminous top, made of lungs, streaming tissues that are well draped.

“Reversed triangle”
Here we have a direct opposite to the previous figures: broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips. How to choose a dress with such proportions? Of course, you should visually narrow the shoulders and add a little volume to your thighs to achieve the balance you need. When choosing a dress of the fanatic, you should give priority to those models in which the brests are located nearer to the door or flat with an open shoulder. Asymmetry works well in such a situation. Good faces with low waist.

In this case, the shoulders and thighs more than one width, the waist, expressed weaker, in general, male type of figures. But get upset, it’s not worth it. The majority of the most famous models have exactly these proportions. In them easy sewing and fitting every hairstyle, the proper distribution of accents. So any woman with a similar figure has great choices of dresses. Very good fosson smell, with which you can create the illusion of a thin waist. They look great and facilities with a slightly elevated or lowered waistline. In case a direct silhouette is selected (this is, by the way, not the most profitable option for such type of figures), the shape can be corrected using a wide belt. Visually the waist will look thinner than it really is.

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